October 3, 2022

Today is the day, Commander!

The 7-day open promotion has finally ended. And now we start the countdown to the beginning of the historical moment. At 12:00 PM UTC on October 3, we announce the official start of Reta Wars 1.0. This announcement introduces some news you should check before starting Reta Wars 1.0.

Reta Wars 1.0

The first Game-Fi, Reta Wars, on the Realital Metaverse platform raised sail. Also, players will finally start racing to win ‘real’ tokens. This game is a war economy simulation game-Fi based on Staking. It does not require complicated and shrewd handwork. All players need is strategic decision.

Players must place the NFT hero they employ in the building on their territory. Then hero will produce resources for the player. It’s like a Staking structure, and the task required of the player is simple. It’s just a periodic visit to their territory and harvesting resources. This is very simple, but the fun of this Game-Fi will begin after the player acquires resources. Players must use the resources produced in their territory ‘in the most valuable place’.


In the marketplace of Reta Wars 1.0, you can trade NFT heroes, resources, and soul. The NFT hero deal uses RETA. And GRT is used for resources and soul trades. Check the relevant guide for instructions on how to trade resources and soul.

[Guide: Resource and Soul Trade]

Ranking leaderboard

With Reta Wars 1.0, the historic Week 1 ranking leaderboard begins. This is the only way for players to earn RETA in Reta Wars. If you’re curious about the huge reward that comes after a hot competition, check out the relevant guide.

[Guide: Ranking system]

Dual Token Systems

With the launch of Reta Wars 1.0, the governance token RETA, and the community token GRT are officially operational.

– The liquidity of RETA has now been supplemented for gameplay, and you can still exchange BUSD and RETA in pancake swaps.

– a community token, GRT is activated. GRT will work off-chain while it is used in the game. That means you don’t have to pay the gas fee in the GRT transaction. But you can move the GRT from the game wallet to your personal wallet at any time, and exchange it for BUSD at DEX. A fee is incurred in the process of moving the GRT you have in the game to your wallet. And this fee will decrease according to the RETA staking grade.

RETA Staking

Finally, the RETA staking begins. It gives five tiers of nobility titles depending on the player’s staking volume. Players will benefit from in-game fees based on their tiers.

This staking system will operate permanently in the future, and you will continue to receive a portion of the fee revenue generated by this ecosystem through RETA staking. You can get RETA, GRT, and all the natural resources (Ore, Wood and Food) that will benefit you in the game through RETA Staking. If you want to know more about the staking system, check the relevant guide.

[Guide: RETA Staking]

Language conversion

You can now change the language used in gameplay. Click on the profile image at the top right of the game screen to go to your profile page. Here you can change the game language. This option currently supports English, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. We plan to support various languages in the future according to the expansion of local communities and changes in policies.

What’s changed from
the beta test?

We carefully analyzed the results of two beta tests to make a high-quality game-Fi. These efforts led to various changes in the game’s balance, eventually making Reta Wars 1.0 a more interesting strategy game.

– Heroes with 0 HP in their territory can no longer produce resources. And they can’t participate in the war. Therefore, the player must manage the hero’s HP by feeding them so that the hero does not run out.

– The effectiveness of strategic voting in the war preparation phase has been enhanced. Each vote means that you now have a stronger reciprocity relationship. Now the victory or defeat of the strategic vote will have a more significant impact on the outcome of the war.

– The level design of the ‘leader’ and ‘manager’ buffs provided by the territorial building has been changed. Building-level upgrades will now return enough value to the players.

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