January 21, 2022

Hello, Commander!

We have a lot of things we want to show our commanders, and we’re actually preparing a lot. Our project is now in its infancy, but our plans are clearly moving forward.

Today we opened the web page of our company, Realital co., Ltd, which is developing Reta Wars. Yes, this has important implications. This means that we have moved out of a team and become a ‘company’. And this shows how we think of the project and how stable we plan to develop content in the future.

This web page tells us what we do and what our vision is. In addition, we may predict our future through the licenses or technologies we have. And you can see our organization is structured to deliver content in a more stable environment.

Now we will work to strengthen the rights of commanders and Reta holders in Realital co., Ltd, which is bigger than the Reta Team.

Not as a team, but as a company.

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