February 10, 2022

Hello, Commander!

As the community has foretold, we are now releasing the first teaser for Reta Wars. This is a metaphor for the future of Reta Wars we are developing. Now click the button below to watch the teaser.

Reta Wars revolves around a war between forces following two different gods, GAIA and NATE. And the war will be created in a Full-3D simulation using the Unreal engine on a mega-scale with thousands of large armies clashing. Of course, we have the technology and experience to implement it.

Yep, what we’re seeing today is just the first teaser. That means our project has just started, and we are ready to show you more exciting things in the future. Now, even more, exciting news will be revealed to you.

Stay tuned for our next roadmap!

Now, as previously announced, we will prepare the following news. All of this will happen in February!

  • Airdrop promotion to inform more people about the project and teaser
  • Marketplace 1.0 for trading NFT (Yes, that means the use of RETA has started.)
  • Abilities hidden in pre-sale NFT: We finally reveal about LUK Stats
  • Finally, the core of our Tokenomics, the rewards are given to RETA holders of governance tokens, will also be revealed soon.
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